Rose Petal Toner

Rose Petal Toner

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This toner made of sweet-smelling red rose petals for normal to dry skin types preserves all the wonderfully effective features of the flower: it is refreshing, hydrating, and leaves skin feeling smooth and toned. Apply daily to dehydrated and/or sensitive skin. Pat it on your face when toning in the morning and evening.

Cleans refreshes skin feels tightened and toned.

Directions for application:
To hydrate: simply spray toner onto the skin (several times a day).
To cleanse: apply toner over entire skin surface with a cotton pad and leave on.
Use after cleansing milk or mask to remove excess products.
Follow with an ilike serum and moisturizer.

Active Ingredients: Rose Petal, Rose Oil -- Vitamin C, Quercetin Bioflavonoids, Tannin, Minerals, Trace Elements.