Ginger Orange Tea Sachets
Ginger Orange Tea Sachets

Ginger Orange Tea Sachets

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We are happy to share one of our top seller blends in a biodegradable tea sachet!

Because we only use the highest quality of organic loose leaf herbs, each tea sachet makes approximately 2-3 8 ounce cups! Just add more hot water to your tea and allow the herbs to release all of their herbal-wonders!

Each Tea Sachet is carefully blended by hand, one by one, to ensure the exact and correct amount of each herb per bag.

Tea Sachets come in a selection of 15 individually sealed bags.

Ginger Orange

detox + weight management 

Let us help you detox and manage your healthy weight with one of our eight Signature Collection Blends by Vida Teas For Life hand-crafted with the perfect herbs to help you achieve these goals known for the following benefits:

can help suppress appetite, burn fat, speed up metabolism, digestion, and reduce bloating.

Orange Peel can promote fat burn. Contains high Vitamin C and anti-obesity properties while boosting digestion.

Dandelion is high in anti-oxidants, known to aid weight loss, and blood sugar control. Can help promote a healthy liver.

Senna is detoxifying, relieves constipation, and is known to promote healthy weight loss.

Licorice can help prevent fat accumulation in the body, has anti-obesity properties, and stimulates the breakdown of fats.


"Enjoy our thoughtfully crafted and hand-selected tea blends everyday for a long healthy life."

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